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About SERIES Data Access Portal

The creation of the distributed database aims to improve the dissemination and use of experimental results and to foster the impact of earthquake engineering research on practice, innovation and earthquake risk mitigation.This requires harmonisation and unification of the European databases in earthquake engineering and the possibility of accessing, through a unique portal, the data stored at different database nodes which are able to dialog with the central portal using a common communication protocol.

"The mission of the Data Access Portal is to foster a sustainable culture of co-operation among all of the research infrastructures and teams that are active in earthquake engineering in Europe"

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Exchage Data Format

The European scientific community is currently fragmented with each laboratory holding experimental data with a unique local data model and user interface, language and scheme. As a consequence, the dissemination and use of these experimental results outside of the laboratory where they are produced can be problematic. To overcome this, it is proposed to add a layer on top of the existing local databases that is accessible through a unique Data Access Portal. The aim is not to build a central database where local databases either migrate or merge but instead to provide centralised access to database nodes that are distributed over the network which are able to dialog with a central portal in a uniform manner. For achieving the aformentionoed goal a common Exchange Data Format is needed

User Manual

From a conceptual point of view the Data Access Portal has been designed to act as an information space. Taking the above into consideration Data Access Portal supports two complementary modes of information retrieval: a) direct navigation mechanism which allows users to browse through the published projects by interacting with a tree view control which is always visible at the left side of the web application. This panel contains all the available published projects which are structured according to the Exchanged Data Format b) direct search functionality which is a structured keyword-based search where can be found specific information based on exchange data format keywords

Recently Published Projects
Effect of Axial Restraint on the Seismic Behaviour of Shear-Dominated Coupling Beams: Reinforced concrete coupled walls are an efficient structural system for medium to tall buildings which provides large stiffness and strength against wind and seismic loads. The coupling of the individual wall units is typically provided by short and stiff coupling beams which deflect in double curvature with high shear stresses, and therefore are susceptible to brittle shear failures. At the same time, in regions of high seismicity, the coupling beams are required to possess large ductility and ...more

Seismic Assessment of ReInforced Concrete frames with SmooTh bArs (ARISTA) – Proposals for EC8-Part 3: The project focuses on the response of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures designed with smooth bar reinforcement and without or limited seismic design provisions. It involves near-full-scale (1:1.5) two-bay 2D frames with three stories in order to include a typical intermediate story (the middle one), the ground story with the connection to the foundation, and the top story with the column bars terminating at the level of the roof. The 2D frames are involved in one-way frame action, due ...more

Hybrid Testing of an Existing Steel Frame with Infills under Multiple Earthquakes: Seismic performance of a multi-storey steel moment resisting frame (MRF), that was surveyed in the recent 2016 earthquake sequences in Central Italy, was investigated through pseudo-dynamic hybrid simulations. The seismic performance of the reference structure was evaluated by testing a 2/3 scaled model of a sub-structure. The structure was tested under the series of strong motions recorded during the 2016-2017 Central Italy earthquakes. In the next phase, a two-storey one bay sub-assemblage steel ...more

Spear ELSA: Seismic Performance Assessment and Rehabilitation. G6RD-2001-00525 + HPRI-1999-00059 ...more

PrecastEC8 ELSA: EuroCode8 Precast Structures ...more


SERFIN ELSA: Seismic Retrofitting of RC Frames with RC Infilling. EC8-Part 3. Project No.: 227887 ...more

RETRO ELSA: Seismic vulnerability of an old RC viaduct and effectiveness isolation systems ...more